Tuesday, 10 March 2015


So Mothers Day is coming up this Sunday. And I always get stuck on what to gifts to buy.
I came up with a couple ideas and thought to share them with you guys.
Hopefully it helps and gives you guys ideas !

1. A basket full of goodies. THE ULTIMATE GIFT
I always see this gift on all occasion. A basket full of little goodies, so inexpensive and also very  thoughtful as you have to hand pick a few gifts not just one.
What you could fill it in with:  Candles, night wear, wine, chocolates and other edible treats, bath bombs/lotions, new dvds, a coffee mug. I could go on but you get the drift.

2. Beauty box
If you want to be a bit more fancy and you know your Mother well enough, you could create a beauty box. A box filled with makeup, perfume, nail polish, face cleansers and creams and her favourite perfume.
This is a tricky one though because you'd need to know what colours she wears often. But I know this gift will always be a winner, every female loves makeup !

3. Personalised Gifts
If you've given your Mum,Mother of your kids,Grandma or Mother in law everything you can think of, try a personalised gift. A photo album with all your favourite pictures of her with yourself or just her in general, include daily quotes to change it up a bit. A personalised phone case, these are super cute. A personalised coffee mug, just to remind her of you every morning ! CHEEKY ! Or a keyring.

My favourite personalised gift is BOOMF. Marshmallows with your pictures or quotes on them ! How cool is that, order by 12 noon on Thursday 12th of March to receive yours by Mothers Day.

4. Jewellery
Every woman loves jewellery, as long as it's real LOL. From rings to necklaces and bracelets it's all up to you !

Remember it's not always about how much you spend, you could simply give your Mum a card, flowers, breakfast in bed and a day off from all the housework, I think she'd appreciate that more than anything !

I hope you all enjoy Mothers Day,
And Happy Mothers Day in advance to all you amazing Mothers out there !
It's a tough job but the most rewarded, You are truly amazing and keep it up !

Much Love
Monica xo

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