Thursday, 14 May 2015



So I've decided to start a blog series where I search online for my favourite items in a specific colour and let you guys know how I would style them.
Starting of the series with one of my favourite colour,a colour I think suits every skin tone and a colour thats very understated. GREY.

1. £15 | Boohoo | With a statement necklace, scandals, hair up sleek or messy.
2. £20 | Boohoo | Styled with white or black heels, minimal accessories for that sleek look.
3. £12.99 | Newlook | Styled with black ripped jeans and black pumps. Wavy hair.
4. £3.99 | H&M | Styled with white jeans (rolled up at bottom) and converses.
5. £7.99 | H&M | Ankle boots/white trainers and a jean/leather jacket or oversized cardigan.
6. £24.99 | Newlook | White t-shirt,jeans with pumps or heels,clutch bag.
7. £15.99 | Newlook | Styled With an all white/black outfit and red lips.
8. £55 | River Island | White vest/t-shirt, black/blue jeans.

P.S A bold lip will give any of these outfits a pop, hope you enjoyed my first ever fashion post.

Much Love.
Monica Leah xo

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