Monday, 11 May 2015


When I found out I was expecting the first thing on my mind was "SH*T ! THE BIRTH !".
I feared the birth so much I would cry and asked myself why did I get pregnant lol. It was always on my mind, not how expensive having a baby was or where am I going to bring him up. And there is nothing that scares me most than leaving earth.. apart from giving birth lol.

So here's a little in site of how my labor and birth went.

My plan was to have a water birth, apparently it's the most relaxing method without using any drugs of course. I wanted it to be as natural as possible because I'm a wimp when it comes to needles (hence not wanting epidural).

Saturday November 15th 2014, 
James, his family and myself went to Ikea, we walked around the entire day going back and forth with what we wanted for our bedroom. So anyways finally getting out of Ikea felt like heaven ! I didn't get much sleep that night.

Sunday 16th November, 
James left me around 4am to go Leeds, I was a bit scared not having him with me at such a late stage in my pregnancy. Anyways the rest of the day was mine. So I started rearranging our bedroom and sorted out all of Elijah's clothing. I kept getting this 'period pain" feeling, I thought it was due to me just moving about so much and lifting things. All of a sudden it hit me. Could this be the start of my contractions? But my water hasn't broke yet? Am I having a miscarriage? All these silly things were running through my head. Eventually by 10/11pm James's Mum took me to the hospital, they check me out and told me I was 2cm dilated and to go home and come back in a few hours. So I did. I'd already called James crying, so he drove back to London. I cant imagine how he felt, knowing he could miss the birth ! Once I got home I ran a hot bath and started preparing myself for the biggest day of my life.

Monday 17th November,
The bath helped a lot, kept me calm until James arrived, around 1.30am. I told him I could bare the pain and for him to go sleep. So he did for a bit, until I woke him up crying my eyes out around 4am. We got my hospital bags and attempted to dash to the hospital. At this stage I was in so much pain. My contractions were lasting a minute and 30seconds roughly and came every other 2-3 minutes. So I'd have my contractions then rest and have another. By me resting it took way longer to leave home. By the time we were in the car I was screaming, a scream I only hear on One Born Every Minute, a scream I've never heard come out my mouth before. Anyways we got to the hospital just after 5am. Was told I was 9cm dilated and that it was too late for the water birth and for any medication but gas and air. I felt warm liquid trickle down my legs, I realised it was my waters breaking. From here on I just remember screaming and getting told of by a nurse LOL. Rude ! Then by 6:30am he was born :). Weighing 7pounds 4ounces.

The pushing didn't hurt at all. It was the contractions. So girls if you're expecting just prepare for the heavy period pains/belly cramps ! And guys do what you can, rub her lower back, give her water,cuddles and plenty kisses !

Much Love
Monica Leah xo

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