Thursday, 5 March 2015

1. My Pregnancy Journey

I've always dreamt about this moment.
This moment where everything changes.
The moment my life is not about me anymore.
The magical moment I step into motherhood.

1. Finding out.
So it all started once we (James & I) came back from a trip to the Philippines. As soon as we got back to London,had a day of rest then back to usual work, I started feeling light headed and nausea. At first I thought it was due to being jet-lagged or not eating breakfast. But a few days later the feeling remained.
So one morning I decide to go and purchase not one, not two but three pregnancy test of three different brands. So I've done a wee on one. Waited and it's positive. At this point I was calm. I had two other test to do and thought this first could be the only positive. Done the second one. Waited. This time I'm nervous. I see one bold line and then a faint line next to it ! Ran into the bedroom,waved the test around James' face shouting "I'm pregnant". He couldn't believe it and made me do the third. Of course same results !

2. Confirming and informing THE PARENTS.
So the same day straight after waving the third pregnancy test around and having a few tears fall, we ran over to the clinic and they confirmed it. There I cried a ton. A ton of happy tears, nervous and scared tears. A few days later I had an appointment at my family gp. That same time my dad was there ! What a coincidence. He asked why I weren't at work and what I was doing there. I looked at James. I wasn't ready to tell my dad. But I had to. Surprisingly his reaction wasn't what I expected. He had a smile and screamed WHAT. Then shook James' hand and gave me a hug. Once that appointment was done we made our way back to the house. James' mum asked what we were doing home. James replied "hello grandma".

3. The 9 months.
First trimester was the hardest. Always feeling like everything I ate or drank would come right back up ! Ankles,knees and feet aching. And not having an appetite! Hated all the blood test that had to be done. I shit myself over needles.

Second trimester was much better. Feet were swollen a lot still, ached all the time due to work but found my appetite. Still didn't fully hit me that I was pregnant. Started my antenatal classes and bumped started to show, made me more confident to wear my "baby on board" badge whilst traveling. Not going to lie London is horrible and barely anyone offered me a seat :(

Third trimester. The most exciting part. I started to have the 'I am pregnant' waddle. I started to think about labor a lot more. Visited the Birthing Centre and got babas cot, closet, clothes, bathing equipment and other bits ready.  Worst part was the pelvic pains. Trying to get up from sitting down or laying was so painful I cried a few times. However was extremely excited and kept unpacking and packing my hospital bag incase I forgot anything.

Watch out for my labor experience post !

Much Love
Monica xo

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