Thursday, 5 March 2015


I know this sounds silly but as much research I done whilst pregnant I still missed some  bits out. Although they may sound silly to you and you may think "well duhhhh", becoming a mum is a lot of work. Even whilst pregnant your head is all over the place,coming to terms with everything. But enough explain myself. Enjoy the read guys xx

1. Engorged Breasts !
A few days after having my son, my breast started to swell and felt like it had been battered by a bat. I had no idea why, so I grabbed my phone and googled my symptoms.
Symptoms : Swelling, tender, hot, throbbing hard and lumpy.
It may also extend to your armpit. Which unfortunately mine did ! It lasted for 3-4 days and hurt even more once I took my bra off. I found that placing something hot on my breast helped a lot !

2. No Milk !
Up to this day I have no idea why I wasn't producing enough milk. No matter what I tried. I can honestly say I tried every trick in the book to help, even worse my son wasn't latching on properly. But what made things worst is the guilt I felt once I gave up trying. So I encourage every new mum to try their hardest even if your newborn isn't latching on properly. Get help from your midwife and if all fails, at least you know you've tried your very best !

3. Changing Teats ! 
I had no clue you had to keep changing the teats of the bottles (if you are using them). If your baby is choking or has milk leaking from his/her mouth it indicates that the flow of the teat is too fast. so switch it up depending on what teat they have.

4. Babies Suffer From Wind Too !
My son would cry for so long even after he had been fed, changed and burped. He'd kick his legs out and throw punches in the air, he was clearly agitated until he let one out. LOL. Sounds silly but was heartbreaking watching him cry like that. So I invested in a few colic bottles and find it does help, but most important is that you burp your baby even if you haven't fed him/her.

5. Shivers After Birth !
I gave birth mid November, and by then it was freezing. I got shivers so bad and sudden that my boyfriend thought I was acting. It was horrible, it would hit me as soon as I left the house or car, so bad that my teeth would chatter so fast. I hate having shivers and up to now still get them every now and then.

6. I Cry A LOT !
I heard a few people tell me I would cry in the beginning. But this is not the case. I cry happy tears almost every time I hold my son and just stare at him, whilst he's in such a deep peaceful sleep. I can not believe this tiny being is half of me, that I carried him for 9 months, that he is with me for the rest of my life.

Much Love
Monica xo

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