Friday, 10 April 2015


When I found out I was expecting I began to read so much online, most blogs or websites missed a few important things or went a bit overboard when preparing yourself. So I narrowed it down to the essentials.

Firstly you need your bag, duh ! Doesn't need to be huge, I packed a days worth, but I advice you to pack another bag of clothes and leave it at home, if it is needed you're family/friends could pick it up for you. 

For you:

Your birth plan,notes and file.
A old baggy shirt, or a old night gown to give birth in.
Two comfy bottoms.  Pyjama bottoms, tracksuits etc.
Two comfy tops. Any casual tops will do. (I always say two, incase of any accidents.)
Nursing Bras.
Breast & Maternity Pads.
Socks and Slippers.
Going home outfit.
And of course your mobile, to keep you entertained, music and to take photos of baba.
Oh and snacks.

For Baby:

2 Vest
2 Onesies
Hat and Mittens.
Nappies and Wipes.
Muslin square.
Going home outfit.
Car seat.

I had my hospital bag ready from a month and a bit before my due date, you've always got to be prepared. Oh and in most hospitals a photographer comes so if you might want to bring your eyebrow pencils and some lipgloss ;)

Much Love
Monica xo

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